Love Described

There’s a philosophical notion that the more you describe or cling to a concept it then lessens it’s value. For example, the more I try to describe love, I will then weaken its meaning. How then do you describe love if human language cannot accurately capture it? Recently I have found a trail that I love to hike, the top view is amazing, especially this time of year, you can see the colors of fall, the curvature of mountains. It’s the clearest, highest view, one of my favorite hikes. Describing this doesn’t accurately represent the scenery I’m trying to convey.  Inside, I’m longing to recreate this picture in your mind because I’m so excited that I’ve seen something so beautiful. A picture doesn’t even do it justice. The only way for you to know what this looks like is to take action, to hike up this mountain alongside me to see it for yourself.  Words are not enough, action would more clearly depict this view.  In the same way, words cannot describe love, action does. The term unconditional often is linked to love. How does a human act in an unconditionally loving way? We can try, but we cannot entirely do this. So how would one ever know unconditional love? We have this idea of its existence, but where do we find it if there is no human action to properly convey it? This is where a divine being comes into play. An unconditionally loving being, knowing no boundaries of beginning or end. The love that being has is unconditional and sacrificial. That love was there before the earths existence, before human construction of time, and will continue on after. The only divine being with this nature, historically, is that of the God in the Bible. This God acts out this love through himself as Jesus. His death being the epitome of unconditional and sacrificial love. Jesus died ultimately because of love. God loved his human creation so unexplainably much, that it couldn’t be described in any other way but through the action of self sacrifice. Knowing that this act took place, we cannot sit by passively.  To accurately respond to this display, we also must act. Words mean nothing, the heart and the actions that follow suit are the only means of description we have. Jesus asks us to show others how much He loved us. This does not mean describe in flowery language or song how much you love Jesus. That ultimately is personal worship. The only way to convey to others the love that Jesus has acted out is through action itself. Attempting to love a person in whatever way they need. Sacrificing for the sake of another person, not so that they are “saved,” but so that they also can begin to understand the act of unconditional love through the sacrifice displayed by Jesus.


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